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Bravo's Big Picture
FIRST AIRED: Nov 4 12/11c
Bravo's Big Picture
FIRST AIRED: Nov 4 12/11c
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Season 2 | Ep 6: Frozen Turkey
FIRST AIRED: May 14 10/9c

While the Biermanns are still dealing with Karen's tell-all book and lawsuit, the ultimate betrayal comes from an unexpected source, just days before Thanksgiving. Trying to salvage what's left of the holiday, Kim and the girls make a Thanksgiving feast…fresh out of the box!

Season 1 | Buying It Blind
FIRST AIRED: Nov 16 12/11c
With three kids under the age of four, Savannah and Brian have no time to find a home suitable for their growing family. With the school year around the corner the experts Anna, Jen, and Michel scour the city hoping to land a home in a great school district that can be transformed to fit the needs for the very busy and bustling family.
Season 1 | Ep 2: Designer Demands and Big Boy Plans
FIRST AIRED: Oct 26 9/8c | TV-14

Thom and Carson are given a run for their money when they take on Kenyatta, a former interior designer, who has a problem letting go of control. Meanwhile, their second client, Scott, has recently come out of the closet and is looking for a little control of his own, by finally transforming his New York City studio apartment.

Season 1 | Ep 3: Spreadsheets and Sweet Treats
FIRST AIRED: Nov 2 9/8c | TV-14

Thom and Carson take on Joe and Lisa, a New Jersey couple battling to incorporate his over the top Italian style while sticking to her modest taste set on a spreadsheet budget. Meanwhile, back in the City, Thom and Carson only have a few days to redesign Akim’s bakery before the single mother-of-four relaunches her business and begins the next chapter of her life. 

Season 1 | Ep 4: Shabbat or Not and Workout Woes
FIRST AIRED: Nov 9 9/8c | TV-14

Tasked with getting their home Shabbat ready, Thom and Carson help married couple Sara and Ehud find balance between Sara’s quirky aesthetic and Ehud’s more traditional taste. Meanwhile, back in the city, the two take on a more personal project for Lucas, a trans man who is looking to transform his basement into a home gym for himself, his friends, and his fellow LGBTQ community.

Season 1 | Ep 5: Saltwater Problems and Dental Disasters
FIRST AIRED: Nov 16 10/9c

Thom and Carson work with soon-to-be empty nesters Laurie and Jeff, who are ready to turn their living room into a Vegas chic lounge. But can these two really go all in or will Thom and Carson fold under Laurie's pressure? Meanwhile, Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Cox, is troubled with bad online reviews due to her dismal waiting room. The guys must get to the root of the problem and design a space that will have both her and her clients, all smiles.

Season 3 | Ep 14: Growers and Show-ers
FIRST AIRED: Nov 14 10/9c | TV-14

The trip to Copenhagen continues with Brandi confronting LeeAnne about the alcoholic accusations, and D’Andra apologizing to Kameron for their fight the night before. The ladies hit the town by land and by sea, with Stephanie brokering a tentative truce between D’Andra and LeeAnne. A trip to the famous Tivoli Gardens and a visit to Cary’s Danish relatives are great fun. A surprise visit from Zuri and Mark has everyone crying with joy, but the fun is over when LeeAnne films a private moment without Brandi’s permission.

Season 1 | Real Country (season 1)
FIRST AIRED: Nov 13 12/11c
Season 11 | Ep 1: To Love and to Cherish
FIRST AIRED: Nov 4 8/7c | TV-14

Love is in the air in Atlanta! Both Cynthia and Porsha have fallen hard for their new men while Eva has a new ring and a new baby. Kandi's accomplishments continue to grow, but her daughter reveals that their family life has taken a back seat. NeNe prepares to fight alongside Gregg as he begins his battle with cancer, while Porsha rallies all the ladies for a surprise trip to Miami to show the Leakes their support.

Season 11 | Ep 2: South Peach
FIRST AIRED: Nov 11 8/7c | TV-14

Porsha continues to enjoy her romantic birthday weekend with Dennis, but the honeymoon phase comes to a halt after a "brush" with danger. Kandi, Cynthia, Eva, and Marlo touch down in Miami ready to surprise NeNe as she hits the comedy stage for the first time since Gregg's diagnosis. As the ladies come together to support NeNe, Kandi realizes she may know a thing or two about one of the ladies’ new man. The women celebrate the grand opening of NeNe's new Swaggalicious boutique – but their shopping spree is cut short when Gregg falls ill.

Season 6 | Ep 7: Out of Commission
FIRST AIRED: Oct 14 8/7c | TV-14

Heavenly, Jackie, and Simone settle back into daily life after their trip to Miami. Simone welcomes her son home from college but isn't so welcoming to the idea of Cecil moving back in. Contessa is recuperating from her prophylactic mastectomy and receives a house call from her good friends, Mariah and Dr. Jarret. Quad lunches with her mom and aunt and reveals that her life has been turned upside down. Jarret invites all the ladies to her newly constructed home for a housewarming party and Quad debates revealing her big news to the ladies.

Season 6 | Ep 8: Pajama Drama
FIRST AIRED: Oct 21 8/7c | TV-14

While Mariah receives some bad news from her husband, Simone finally has some good news to share about Cecil. Heavenly reflects on her Miami trip with her therapist and makes some new personal discoveries. While Quad is quietly adjusting to her newly single life, the other women are shocked to find out through social media of Quad's divorce. In an attempt to reunite the women and bring Black Girl Magic back to the group, Jackie throws a slumber party.

Season 6 | Ep 9: Black Love
FIRST AIRED: Oct 28 8/7c | TV-14

Toya and Eugene contemplate celebrating their 10-year anniversary with their friends overseas. Meanwhile Jackie and Curtis celebrate, coming back from the brink of divorce and making it 17-years. Mariah plans a Black Love party but when some of the invitees fail to show, they put a damper on the festivities.

Season 6 | Ep 10: Trouble in Paradise
FIRST AIRED: Nov 4 9/8c | TV-14

Everyone heads to Antigua for the annual couples trip. Trying to cope with divorce Quad breaks down revealing she saw Greg the night before with another woman. Contessa tries to enjoy the island sun as she recovers from breast surgery, but a surprise encounter with Toya may get in the way of that. Later things heat up when a tiff over Quad sends Heavenly and Mariah into an all out island brawl.

Season 6 | Ep 11: BBQs, Biscuits, and Birth Control
FIRST AIRED: Nov 10 9/8c | TV-14

On Part 2 of the couple’s trip in Antigua, tensions continue to rise in the group. While Toya confronts Contessa for hitting her on purpose, Mariah can’t let go of Heavenly insulting her mom. Jackie attempts to lead a reconciliation between all the ladies but the second night dinner proves to be just as explosive as the first. Tears are shed, and everyone has reached their boiling point.

Season 6 | Ep 12: Heavenly's Second Chance
FIRST AIR DATE: Nov 17 9/8c

Smooth sailing turns to rocky waters when Simone and Contessa’s argument turns ugly in Antigua. Facing increased pressure, Mariah apologizes to Damon for the infidelity rumors she's spread. In order to right last year’s wrongs from Couples' Therapy, Heavenly sits on the hot seat. Determined to give back, Jackie volunteers the group for a meaningful Medical Mission as Quad hurls the hurt over Dr. Greg’s infidelities out to sea.

Bravo's Big Picture
FIRST AIRED: Nov 4 12/11c